5 Steps to Boost Your Energy… Even on Busy Days

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You know you have a busy day ahead, but you’ve woken up feeling exhausted.

As the day starts, you feel like you have a lead weight on your shoulders.

Do you know the feeling?

I too have experienced low energy. To the extreme of being so fatigued, I felt run down to the point of feeling hopelessness.

What I didn’t realise at the time, is that I could do something to stop feeling so tired.

Here are 5 steps to boost your energy levels, even when you’re busy.

Find out how to save yourself from the 3:00pm energy slump.

Five Steps to Boost Your Energy Levels…

1. Hydration and Sleep

You probably know that sleep duration is essential for maintaining energy. However, you may not know how important hydration is.

Tiredness or restlessness are generally your first signs that your whole body is experiencing lack of sleep and water.

If you work late, I recommend taking a quick 20-minute cat nap in the middle of the day to re-vitalise you, especially if you work past 5.00pm.

Start your day with a glass or two of water. This simple fix will rejuvenate your whole body… from your gut system, your skin, and your memory cells.

2. A Quick Jog (on the spot)

If your mornings are too busy to make time for the gym, then I recommend you do a quick jog on the spot.

The benefit?

This will move oxygen-rich blood through your body, your heart, muscles, and brain.

This improves your blood circulation and will boost the energy production in every cell in your body.

Best of all…oxygenated blood helps balance your hormones, calm your nerves and keep you alert.

Being alert will help improve your thought processes, your performance, your productivity, as well as improving your reaction times…essential if you drive in heavy traffic.

3. Eat for Energy

The next step is to have a pick-me-up breakfast. Your body has been working hard all night, replenishing your cells while you sleep… so you need to feed it right.

Start with a glass of fresh green juice. Wait until that digests, then enjoy a bowl of fruit, some nuts, and mixed grain porridge.

A full tummy will boost your energy and keep you alert until lunchtime.

The green juice helps energise your cells, while the whole grains provide essential fibre, good nutrition, and sustenance for four hours.

4. Go Nuts

At mid-morning and afternoon breaks grab a handful of nuts. I recommend almonds because they contain magnesium and folic acid, as well as nutrients that will restore your energy and boost your cells.

If you don’t feel like nuts, then snack on a banana or apple slices with almond butter.

The key to maintaining constant energy levels is to eat every four to five hours… even if you can’t sit down for a lunch break.

Remember…a hungry belly will dull your mind and body.

5. Eat Whole Foods

Make sure you eat a nourishing and easily digestible lunch, especially on your busy days.

Grab a vegetable and tempeh roll or a quinoa salad with your choice of protein.

In summary, deep sleep, hydration, and good eating habits will help you maintain your energy and boost your productivity all day.

Healthy Tips for busy Mums and Dads:

  1. Pre-plan the menu for the following week on Fridays. This will make grocery shopping and preparing meals quick and easy.
  1. Pack your lunch and healthy snacks the night before.
  1. Keep a variety of healthy snacks at work – for example, bottles of water, natural nuts and seeds, almond butter, fresh fruits and frozen berries.

Stop energy leakage…keep a diary for a week of your daily routine, food, drinks, and sleep patterns to see if you are boosting or depleting your energy levels.

For extra tips to maintain your energy, read my “5 Foods that Zap Your Energy”  blog. It could help you determine why you are feeling tired and exhausted.

I understand that life can be too busy (stressful) at times. However, I encourage you to take a moment to slow down. Take one step forward today to improve your health.

Start by using these 5 simple steps to banish morning lethargy and brain fog so you can wake up every morning with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Reminder…It’s time to nurture yourself and enjoy a vibrant life.

If you enjoyed this blog and would like to know how I can help you take back control of your health and well-being, then Click here.

Christila Chandra here wishing you endless energy, good health and stress-free days. 

I hope our paths cross again soon.

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