5 Foods That Zap Your Energy

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In our modern world, we’ve almost forgotten the health benefits of many super energy charged foods, which can be easily found in your backyard and on local farms.

We’ve replaced them with “convenience foods.” You know the ones? They are not just processed foods, but “ultra-processed foods” – think frozen pizza, packaged soups, sauces, pastes, and frozen desserts.

What’s the issue with these types of foods?

They dramatically lower your energy… from the morning, noon and night.

So, if you’re experiencing tiredness or low energy at specific times of the day, then perhaps you are eating one of the five common energy zappers.

Five Common Foods and Drinks that Zap Your Energy…

Are you eating any of these foods?

1.Breakfast cereals, sweet buns and yoghurt

We’re told that breakfast cereals are an important part of a healthy breakfast routine.

Then you would assume that they will provide the essential fuel for our daily energy needs.


Here’s the bad news…almost all the breakfast cereals fall into the processed food category. And they fail to deliver high energy at the start of the day.

These packaged foods contain up to 50% sugar of the total carbohydrates.

What’s worse is that the common breakfast cereals have little or no fibre because they’re made from refined grains.

The high sugar and low fibre combination are common in all the popular breakfast foods such as bread, muffins, breakfast bars, flavoured yoghurt, and juices.

Why is this a concern?

Research on the effects of sugar reveals that high sugar consumption is followed by a stronger craving for sugar. This sugary-addiction of all things sweet starting at breakfast will drain your energy by the evening.

Normally, sugar gives you an immediate energy boost, which is then followed by a crash.

Solution: To avoid the energy zapping effect of sugar, choose a high fibre breakfast. I recommend home cooked oatmeal with fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. If you are buying boxed cereal, then choose one with a minimum of 10 grams of fibre per 100g.

2. Bread, pasta, and Rice

Bread, pasta and rice are made from processed grains, which are mostly refined and bleached.

This means, they have low nutrient levels and low fibre content, which can drain your energy.

Solution: Avoid white bread, white rice, and white pasta. Instead, to prevent energy peaks and crashes throughout the day, eat plenty of plant-based food and whole grain foods.

3. Fast Foods

Fast foods are usually high in fat, low in nutrients and low in fibre, as well as being fried in fat.

These type of foods will not only drain your energy but deprive you of the essential nutrition.

The result? You could have digestive problems in the future.

Solution: Try to avoid fast foods at all costs. Remember, that plant-based foods, such as beans and lentils, whole grains and vegetables have a low glycaemic index (GI). These foods are digested slowly, delivering a slow release of glucose into your bloodstream which provides your body with long-term energy for maintaining overall health.

4. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are advertised as a great source of high energy. But, what they don’t tell you… to keep up that high energy all day you need to drink a lot. This explains why you need to have a few energy or caffeine drinks, such as coffee, tea, lattes, cappuccinos or even hot chocolate, per day

Is that good for you?

Energy drinks contain stimulating agents plus a high level of caffeine and sugar. Research shows that energy drinks can contain between 7 to 21 teaspoons of sugar per bottle or can of drink.

If you have the energy drinks containing caffeine regularly, then you will build up your tolerance to caffeine. So to maintain your high energy levels, you will need to drink larger amounts.

High concentrations of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks will disrupt your sleep patterns, cause heart palpitations, tiredness and leave you drained of energy.

Solution: Drink water. Add lemon or lime for a refreshing flavour. Caffeine free herbal teas have become popular in the last decade because it doesn’t reduce your energy. One of my favourite hot drinks is an organic dandelion latte made with soy or almond milk.

5. Alcohol

Although you may feel relaxed after drinking alcohol, the fact is… it drains your energy.

Depending on the quantity of alcohol you consume it affects your sleep patterns, brain function and alertness.

So be careful if you drink alcohol when you are planning to work or are driving home later.

If you consume alcohol in the evening, it may also affect the duration and quality of sleep, leaving you feeling very tired the next morning.

Solution: Drink water flavoured with juice from a lemon, water from fresh coconut or freshly made fruit juice.

These are just a few of the popular foods and drinks that claim to “raise your energy”, but as you now know, they zap energy.

The bad news… if you consume processed foods and drinks daily, then the long-term effects can not only leave you drained of energy but can lead to ill health.

There is good news. In the next blog, we look at how you can maintain a healthy energy level all day long.

Reminder…It’s time to nurture yourself and enjoy a vibrant life.

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Christila Chandra here wishing you endless energy, good health and stress-free days. 

I hope our paths cross again soon.


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